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Adore Me Box Review

Adore Me is an underwear, lingerie, swimsuit and pajama subscription box. I subscribed to Adore Me because you can never have too much underwear! Adore Me’s lingerie, undergarments, swimsuits etc. are designed by women and the company prides itself on designing high quality lingerie in a wide range of options from minimal bralettes to full-support bras. Adore Me uses premium fabrics and lace with a luxurious look and feel to create its products. And, Adore Me carries bras and lingerie that will flatter every shape and size from petite to plus (size 30A-46DDD; XS-4X).

How it Works

Adore Me works like many other clothing subscription boxes I have reviewed on the site (Trunk Club, Stitch Fix, Wantable). I subscribed to the Elite membership, where you pay a $20 styling fee per box, which is deducted from the cost of the first item you keep. In each Adore Me box, you will receive 3 matching sets (top and bottom; bra and panty) that range from $39.95 – $59.95. You get 7 days to try the items on at home before returning the items you don’t want. When you subscribe to Adore Me, you complete a Style Profile, which include questions such as: What is your size in bras, underwear, dress, tops and bottoms? What padding style do you prefer: unlined, contour, push-up, two cups? How much panty coverage do you prefer: thong, average, full coverage? What is your style: sexy, classic, romantic, playful? Etc. They also ask if there are any items you wish not to receive, for example, if you don’t want to receive pajamas, swimsuits or activewear. Once you try on the items in your box, you sign into your account and purchase the items you want and return the items you do not like. Shipping and returns are free.

Adore Me also offers a VIP membership which is a flexible monthly membership with lots of benefits. With the VIP membership you visit your showroom between the 1st and 5th of each month to either shop or skip. If you don’t shop or skip, you will be charged $39.95 store credit, which can be used to buy anything on Adore Me’s website and these credits never expire. Although Adore Me sends you a reminder email and SMS alert every month to remind you to shop of skip, you can get a refund if you forget to skip. With the VIP membership you get $10 off any set and you automatically get a free set after every 5th set you have purchased. Other perks of the VIP membership are that you get your first style for $24.95 and have exclusive access to VIP-only sales and sets. And just like the Elite membership, you get free shipping and exchanges with the VIP membership.

Getting Adore Me

I subscribed to Adore Me with an Elite membership on August 2nd but something went wrong during the sign-up process, which I had not been made aware of, and my Adore Me box didn’t ship. When I contacted customer service, they were unable to solve the problem, so I cancelled that membership and re-subscribed on August 28th. My Adore Me box shipped on August 31 and arrived on September 5th. I don’t know what the issue was the first time I subscribed but it worked correctly the second time around. I requested swimsuits and pajamas in my box and so here are the items that I received:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

The number #1 thing I loved about Adore Me is the diversity of their company. Adore Me’s team is made up of 21 different nationalities, more than half of whom are bilingual, and 70% of their employees are women, including their designers! The second thing I loved about Adore Me is the quality of the items, particularly the swimsuit and the bra and panty set, which I thought were very good considering their price in comparison to where I usually buy my undergarments, for example, ThirdLove (love them and their half size bra cups) or Hanky Panky. Although I chose to keep only the bra and panty set, I almost kept the swimsuit as well, but after going on the Adore Me website and seeing swimsuit styles that I preferred to the swimsuit I received, I decided to return it. Which brings me to the other thing I like about Adore Me, I was able to favorite other swimsuits I preferred, meaning that these items are in my Elite List where my stylist can view them. The stylist can then choose either to send those specific swimsuits or similar swimsuits if the one I favorited is no longer available in my size or preferred color. And although I didn’t like the style of the pajama set, the quality was good, the material was very soft, and the pajama bottoms had pockets! Which is something you would only find in clothes designed by women!

But there were a few things I didn’t like about Adore Me. My experience with customer service after my first attempt at subscribing is definitely a big negative for me. Another critique is that subscribers are not able to preview boxes before they ship. Although not having a preview makes the box a true surprise, I prefer boxes that provide previews as well as a chance to reject certain items before the box ships. Another thing I didn’t like is that in addition to the $20 styling fee, I had a pending charge of $39.95 on my credit card after signing up for the Elite subscription. I contacted customer service and they informed me that it was just a charge to ensure that my credit card was a valid one, and although the $39.95 charge did not go through, informing subscribers about this charge would greatly reduce confusion

Another critique is that unlike other boxes where the return shipping label is inside the box, the Adore Me return shipping label is located beneath the shipping label on the outside of the box. I looked around the house for a good while and was just about to chastise my Havanese for chewing it up and/or hiding it before I noticed that the shipping label looked a bit bulky and then I saw the instructions to peel off the current shipping label to reveal the return shipping label underneath. Also, the underwear I received did not have the plastic protector, which you don’t normally receive with certain styles of underwear at lingerie stores, but it is something to note when you do your Style Profile. However, the swimsuit did have a plastic protector. And the final critique I had about Adore Me is that you are not able to skip a month on the Elite membership through your account, instead you have to wait until they contact you to tell you that your box is being prepared for shipment, before being able to cancel the box or you can contact customer service. However, you can cancel your membership through your membership settings.

The Verdict

I like Adore Me and I would recommend it to those who want good quality bra and panty sets at an affordable price. I would also recommend Adore Me for those who don’t want to deal with the awkwardness of shopping for underclothes at a lingerie store with a lot of male customers (or is that just me?). And with their wide range of sizes and styles, it all but ensures that you will find something that you love and that fits.

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