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Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil

Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil (3.4 oz, $72) is a nourishing yet delicate dry body oil that firms and deeply hydrates parched and lackluster skin. It is a sumptuous signature essential oil blend of Neroli, Lavender, Rose and Mandarin, combined with unique antioxidant-rich BioOrganic botanicals that works to revitalize the skin, soothe the senses and combat stress. Firm & Revitalize Dry Body Oil is enriched with an abundance of precious oils working on all fronts: Macadamia and Borage oils provide rich essential fatty acids which help to firm the skin, Mongongo oil offers high levels of Vitamin E and Kukui oil helps hydrate and repair. The addition of Kalahari oil ensures that the body oil sinks effortlessly into the skin, leaving no residue. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

As face oils have become more popular in skincare, so too have body oils, leading to the question, which is better for the skin on the rest of your body: oil or lotion? Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer to this question, and it comes down to one thing, preference. According to this this article from Byrdie.com, body oils have an edge over lotion for those with acne-prone or oily skin because “oil helps to dial down your skin’s natural sebum production since it no longer has to overcompensate”. However, the article goes on to quote NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian who says that if you focus only on moisturizing the skin, lotions have an edge because “lotions are a mix of oil and water and typically work better for dry skin.” Dr. Nazarian adds that lotions are “often better at penetrating the skin because they are partly water-based and can deliver ingredients that improve the ability of the skin to maintain moisture”.

On the other hand, this article from Instyle states that “oils penetrate at a deeper level than most lotions, so the moisture doesn’t escape as easily and your skin stays hydrated much longer.” And most importantly, because body oils are more easily absorbed into the skin, you are less likely to sweat off a body oil as you would a lotion. According to Instylehowever, the main difference between oils and lotions is that lotions can tackle specific skin issues that body oils cannot. For example, lotions can contain ingredients like caffeine or retinol to help diminish the appearance of cellulites; shea butter, aloe, of vitamin E for dry, chapped and rough skin; or, oatmeal to soothe skin suffering from eczema. However, if you are worried about the use of dyes, artificial fragrances, preservatives and other questionable filler products in your skincare, then you may want to skip the lotion and try a body oil instead.

Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil contains a blend of 4 essential oils: neroli, lavender, rose and mandarin. Neroli oil, also known as orange blossom oil, is extracted from the flowers of bitter orange trees. Neroli oil emits a floral scent with citrusy overtones and because of its soothing effect on mood, it is often used in aromatherapy. Lavender oil is derived from the lavender plant and has many benefits for the skin including: kill bacteria to help prevent and heal acne breakouts, reduce dark spots and discoloration, soothe eczema and dry skin because of its antifungal properties and finally, help reduce wrinkles because it is full of antioxidants that fight damaging free radicals. Rose oil is extracted from the petals of many different types of rose plants, according to this study, researchers observed that “rose oil had physiological and psychological relaxation, analgesic and anti-anxiety effects”. And mandarin oil is typically derived from the citrus rind (peel) and can be used to treat a number of skincare conditions including: acne, dull skin, insomnia, oily skin, stress and wrinkles. With this impressive blend of essential oils, Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil manages to not only soothe and nourish the skin but also deliver aromatherapeutic benefits.

About the Brand

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is made in Britain, with the purest of BioOrganic ingredients sourced sustainably and cruelty free from around the world. The mission of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is that their products make a real difference to women by delivering glowing, balanced skin every day. Aurelia’s probiotic ingredients continuously protect, restore and balance the skin from within. As one of the first to innovate probiotic skincare, the science involved in making Aurelia Probiotic Skincare products still remains unique. Their ingredients activate the skin’s natural ability to repair itself and boost the natural process of restoring collagen, elastin and healthy cells. Aurelia’s Probiotic Skincare does not contain live bacteria or work on the skin’s surface microbiome – they believe there is a much better, more advanced way. Aurelia’s Probiotic Skincare is made without sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and MI to name only a few.


  • Provides a beautiful, radiant glow

  • Bio-Organic body care to deeply nourish and firm skin

  • Relieves dry skin with rich botanicals

  • Instant hydration with a super lightweight dry oil

  • Delicately fragrances the skin

How to Use

Apply after a shower or bath when the skin is still damp to help lock in moisture and intensify the effects of the oil blend.


  • Baobab – Omega-rich ‘super-fruit’

  • Kalahari oil - abundant essential fatty acids (easily absorbed)

  • Mongongo oil - Vitamin E and fatty acids for restructuring & regenerating

  • Macadamia oil - Essential fatty acids keep skin moisturized and revitalized

  • Coco-Caprylate, Dicaprylyl ether, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, Prunus persica kernel oil, Aleurites moluccana seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Citrus aurantium dulcis flower oil, Citrus nobilis peel oil, Borago officinalis seed oil, Citrullus lanatus seed oil, Schinziophyton rautanenii kernel oil, Tocopherol, Tocopheryl acetate, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Rosa damascena flower oil, Citral*, Citronellol*, Farnesol*, Geraniol*, Limonene*, Linalool* (*naturally occurring in essential oil)

My Take

I received the Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil as a free gift when I did a 3 month prepaid subscription to MINTD Box in June 2020. The Aurelia Dry Body Oil comes in a dark glass bottle with a pump top to dispense the oil. The oil has a golden yellow color and has a pleasant citrus and floral scent. I applied the Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil once a day after my shower to damp skin and at first, I did not use any other product in conjunction with the body oil.

Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil was my introduction to the world of body oils and the first time I have ever used something other than my much loved CeraVe Moisturizing Cream to moisturize my body. The first thing I noticed about the Aurelia Dry Body Oil is the smell, it is so relaxing and calming, which I later learnt is due to the Neroli oil. Another thing I was confused about is how an oil could be dry? But what this basically means is that it is very quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue on the skin. For example, in the time it took me to get dispense the body oil to apply it to one of my legs, the oil that I had just applied to the other leg had already dried. In the space of a few seconds the Aurelia Dry Body Oil had completely absorbed into my skin leaving behind that wonderful floral and citrusy scent and moisturized skin. I was also surprised at how long the bottle lasted (3.4 oz), it lasted me about 6 weeks of daily use, which is surprising given the much larger surface area of the skin covering the rest of the body.

Although I was surprised that the Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil moisturized as good as it did, I live in the 8th driest city in the U.S. so unfortunately, I couldn’t go longer than a few days without using my CeraVe to add even more moisture to my skin. I used the Aurelia Dry Body Oil in the summer when Salt Lake City is the most humid (which still isn’t very humid because Utah is a desert) so I do not think that the Aurelia Dry Body Oil would moisturize any better in the winter when the air in Salt Lake City can drop to 10 percent humidity (the same humidity of air in the Sahara Desert). However, I found that applying CeraVe first and then sealing in the moisture with the Aurelia Dry Body Oil worked very well because it provided me with lots of moisture and left my skin smelling great. Another critique of the Aurelia Dry Body Oil is that unlike other body oils I have seen on the market, this body oil is not intended for use in the hair. And finally, the Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil is definitely a splurge at $72 because there are many less expensive body oils on the market (my review of L’Occitane Rose Hair & Body Oil coming soon!).

I really liked the soothing smell and lack of residue of Aurelia Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil and I would recommend it to those who want their skin to have a great subtle long-lasting fragrance without using perfume or body spray/mist. And although I loved the body oil and would definitely buy it again, if you live in a dry climate, this oil may not be enough for all your moisturizing needs and you may have to use it every other day or in addition to a body lotion to seal in moisture.

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