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Bath Bevy Box Review

Bath Bevy is a subscription box for the bath lover. Bath Bevy sends a curated selection of 6-10 handmade bath products from indie bath and body brands around a theme to your door every month. Products included in Bath Bevy boxes include bath bombs, bubble baths, bubble bars, bath melts, whipped soaps, lotions… you get the idea. After trying out Bath Blessing, I wanted to check out other bath subscription boxes.

How it Works

Bath Bevy has two subscription plan options based on whether you want a box every month or every quarter (every 3 months). The every month subscription plan includes the monthly payment option ($38.95) and 3 prepaid payment options: 3-month prepaid ($110.85), 6-month prepaid ($215.70) and 12-month prepaid ($419.40). The quarterly plan has three plan options: one quarter ($38.95), 2 quarter prepaid ($75.90) and 4 quarter prepaid plan ($147.80).

Recently, Bath Bevy created a Tubless box, which costs $38.95 for those who do not have a tub or do not like baths. The Tubless option includes bath and body items that do not require a bathtub. This means that this box does not include bath bombs, bath salts, or soaks. Instead, you can expect body washes, whipped soaps, sugar scrubs, lotion, shower steamers, etc. Members should subscribe by the 10th of the current month to receive that month’s box but if you subscribe on the 11th or later, your subscription will begin the following month and renew every month. Boxes ship within the first week of every month and shipping costs at least $6.95 per month (it isn’t clear whether $6.95 is the flat rate for shipping within the continental US only and if shipping would cost more if you live in Hawaii or Alaska). Bath Bevy also has an online store, where you can purchase previous boxes or individual items from previous boxes. Purchases made through the online store are shipped within 2-3 business days.

Getting Bath Bevy

I subscribed to Bath Bevy on July 19th and so I had to wait until August to receive my box. The box shipped on August 6thand I received it on August 10th. The Bath Bevy box comes in a cute blue and white box that was very fragrant and I could smell a lot of tropical scents even before I opened the box. Items in the box are packaged in tissue paper and recyclable paper filler. The August box had an “Aloha Summer Beach Party” theme and contained 6 items:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I purchased this subscription box for myself, but I had a guest contributer use and review the bath bombs, bubble bath and bath salts. I chose not to use the bath products because of my general avoidance of bath products that are heavily fragranced and/or contain coconut oil, like the bath bombs, for fear it may trigger a breakout (I currently use Glytone Acne Treatment Spray – Back and Chest to manage this problem). So, the review will include things I liked and didn’t like about Bath Bevy and then the guest contributor’s comments on the products that they used.

I liked the aesthetics of the Bath Bevy box – the blue and white color scheme of the box is reminiscent of a day spa (remember going to day spas?) and being from the Caribbean I really appreciated the island theme of this box. I also liked the package insert that included a coupon for 30% off an entire order, although it wasn’t clear whether the coupon could be used for the monthly subscription or only for items/boxes purchased on their online store. I used the body lotion and the lip balm, and I thought both were okay. Unfortunately, some of the lotion had spilt despite having a plug in the dispenser to prevent spills but the spill wasn’t too bad because it was contained in the removeable cap and did not leak into the rest of the box or onto other products. The lotion had a thick white cream texture and was heavily fragranced (but as I mentioned I love tropical scents, so this didn’t bother me). I used the Lazy Summer Afternoon Body Lotion a few times and I thought it was okay but in the arid Utah air, I definitely could not rely on it alone to provide all the moisture that my skin needs. I used the Blue Raspberry Lip Balm multiple times a day for a few days and I thought it was okay as well, but again, in the dry Utah climate, I had to supplement the lip balm with a petroleum jelly-based lip balm to help lock in moisture.

I liked that Bath Bevy made all the products in the box, so if I liked any product and wanted to get more, I knew exactly where to find it and would be able to use my coupon toward the purchase. The flipside of Bath Bevy making all the products however, is that it makes it more difficult to determine the value for money because you can only compare the prices of Bath Bevy products to similar products sold elsewhere and not the price of the exact product sold by another retailer. That being said, when I priced out the cost of the items included in the box (with the exception of the lip balm because it wasn’t available) from Bath Bevy’s online store, the cost was $45. Considering the fact that I paid $45.90 for the box (which includes shipping), the box just barely breaks even. Which brings me to my final critique of Bath Bevy, it charges for shipping and I hate paying for shipping!

The guest contributor loved the bath products from Bath Bevy, but they did have a few critiques. They loved the bath bombs, especially the Tropical Peach Punch bath bomb, and they found them to be relaxing, the bath bombs left residue behind in the tub, a common occurrence with bath bombs but still something to keep in mind. The Banana Popsicle Bath Salts fully dissolved into the bath and although the bottle was very fragrant, once the bath salts dissolved, the smell was milder, and the bath salts did not leave any residue in the tub. The Summer Beach Party Bubble Bath Jug smelt like a tropical drink and it was a bit bubblier than the Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath, they usually use. The main critique of both the bath salts and the bubble bath is that neither contained much product and they were able to use both for only one bath each. I wasn’t surprised by this critique because the Summer Beach Party Bubble Bath Jug was only 9 ounces, which to me seemed like barely enough for two bubble baths.

The Verdict

I would recommend Bath Bevy to those who take occasional baths and who don’t want to go to the mall and deal with the large crowds that always seem to be at Bath & Body Works, especially when they are having a sale. But if you are a serious bath lover like my friend, who takes baths at least 4 times a week, you will find yourself going through a Bath Bevy Box within a week of receiving it. I think a great addition to Bath Bevy’s subscription plan offerings is a box with products in larger sizes that would take the serious bath lover at least 2 weeks to get through.

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