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Bath Blessing Box Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

We moved into a new house last year and it came with a great big tub that almost one year later I had used only a handful of times. So this was the impetus behind my subscription to Bath Blessing, the self-described premiere spa subscription box and why I looked forward to reviewing it. Bath Blessing promises artisan, natural and essential oil luxuries and it was going to help me take full advantage of my big new tub.

How it Works

Bath Blessing offers two types of boxes, the Sanctuary Box and Specialty box. The Sanctuary box is available in 4 different subscription options: month to month ($39.99 per month); every 3 months ($37.99 per month), every 6 months ($37.19 per month) and a 1-year subscription ($35.99 per month). Each Sanctuary box will have between 5-8 items and promises to include; 1 or more luxury bar soaps or body wash, 1 or more body scrubs, bath salt, bath soap, body butter or specialty item, 1 or more bath bomb or shower steamer (depending on whether you choose to get bath or shower products) and, additional items that may include bath inspired products and accessories. The Sanctuary Box offers subscribers three options, a bath option, a shower option or a surprise me option, where subscribers get an occasional mixture of bath and shower products.

Bath Blessing also offers Specialty Boxes that do not require a subscription. Specialty boxes are special themed boxes from past Sanctuary boxes and limited-edition collections. Each box $39.99 the same cost as the subscription box but unlike the Sanctuary boxes, coupons do not apply to the Specialty boxes. And you can get a specialty box as your first month’s subscription box by emailing info@bathblessing.com.

Getting a Blessing

I subscribed to Bath Blessing’s Sanctuary Box on June 18th and it shipped on June 19th and I received it on June 25th. Bath Blessings ships their boxes between the 15th-22nd of every month and so because I subscribed between that time period, my June box shipped very quickly. My June box had a beach theme and was very similar to the Bring the Beach Specialty Box. Here are the items that were included in my box:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I liked that my box had a beach theme and that the products were very fragrant, the box smelt like the Caribbean Sea, which was very nostalgic for me because I am from the Caribbean! But unfortunately, I disliked a lot more things about this box than I liked about the box. First, the value for money is not there…at all. I used a coupon that gave me a discount on my first month’s box, so I paid $35.99 for the monthly Sanctuary box, saving $4 on the price of the subscription. But if you add up the cost of the products not made by Bath Blessings, it adds up to $27.17 and if I am generous and say that the bath bomb and the bar soap costs $5 each, that brings the total to $37.17, higher than what I paid for the box but less than the cost of the monthly subscription without the coupon.

I was also disappointed that the lotion was not full sized. Additionally, although hand sanitizer was quite scarce in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, by June when the box shipped, hand sanitizer was widely available and so I feel cheated by having hand sanitizer in my bath/spa box and would have preferred an actual bath product. Also, while I did enjoy the very fragrant bar soap, as someone who suffers from acne, I was unable to use the soap for fear that it would break me out and so gave it to my husband to use instead. And finally, maybe I didn’t look through the website thoroughly enough but I could not find a way to cancel my subscription using my online account, instead I had to email Bath Blessing to cancel and they didn’t reply to my email saying that it was cancelled, I had to email them a few days later to confirm that it was indeed cancelled.

The Verdict

I was disappointed by the Bath Blessing box and I can’t say that I recommend it. Maybe I got a “bad month” because as we all know with subscription boxes, not every box can blow us away, but I found June's box so disappointing that I cancelled my subscription the same day I received it. I have never done that with a subscription box before, but I guess there is a first time for everything.

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