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BeautyFIX Box Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

BeautyFIX was the first subscription box that I ever signed up for. I was new to the subscription game and wanted to try new skincare products without having to purchase the full-sized products first. Also, I liked that BeautyFIX is from Dermstore, so I know that products are going to be authentic and that as a subscriber, I will receive exclusive savings and offers on participating products in each month’s box.

How it Works

BeautyFIX costs $24.95 per month for a subscription or if a particular month’s box catches your eye, you can buy it without a subscription for $34.95. Your subscription automatically renews and the delivery schedule – every 1, 2 or 3 months – is based on your preferences. Unlike other skincare or beauty subscription boxes, BeautyFIX is not customizable and on their website, they caution that there are only a limited number of subscriptions available. BeautyFIX promises 6+ full and deluxe travel sized products per month with a retail value of at least $100 and shipping is free.

Getting my BeautyFIX

I subscribed to BeautyFIX on May 11 and received my first box one week later on May 18. In the May box, I received 8 products, 2 full sized products and 6 deluxe sample sized products and I loved every single item in the box. Here were the items:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

There is a lot I loved about BeautyFIX. First, I love that you get exclusive subscriber savings (with participating brands) for items in your box and with some of the pricier brands like Elemis, the savings can be substantial. Also, I love that you get to see the contents of your box within the first few days of the new month, usually around the 3rd or 4th of the month. And of course, the box comes with a booklet that tells you about each item, including how to use it.

The one thing I dislike about BeautyFIX is that you can’t customize it and so sometimes you receive products that you know you won’t use. For example, I have natural 4C hair, which means it is tightly coiled and extremely delicate, so whenever I receive hair products in my BeautyFIX box (like I did in June’s box), I have to give it away because I know that my hair is very particular and I can only use hair products that are specifically formulated for 4C hair. Also, sometimes the products don’t make much sense as a deluxe sample size, for example, once again in my June box, I received two prebiotic supplements but two pills are not enough to decide whether or not I wanted to purchase the full-sized product.

The Verdict

I love the BeautyFIX box. I love that it is completely dedicated to skincare and introduces me to new (and established) high-end brands for a fraction of the cost. Also, I love the subscriber savings on full-sized products and although I have yet to take advantage of that perk, it is one that I definitely appreciate. And finally, I love that it doesn’t include makeup like other beauty (or nominally skincare) subscription boxes, I always feel cheated when I get makeup in a beauty subscription box because makeup generally cost less than skincare, so I always feel like I am not getting as good a deal. Overall, I highly recommend BeautyFIX and I recommend it for anyone who wants to shake up their skincare routine.

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