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BloomsyBox Review

BloomsyBox is a flower subscription service that ships hand-tied, sustainably sourced bouquets from farms worldwide to your door. BloomsyBox ships bouquets wrapped in paper rather than plastic and flowers ranging from orchids to roses to sunflowers and hydrangeas. Flowers are shipped from the farms where they were grown and arrive at your home in 2-4 days after they are cut. I wanted to try a flower subscription service because I love fresh flowers and I usually buy a bouquet every week when I go grocery shopping. I chose BloomsyBox because it is the most affordable flower subscription service available and I loved the idea of being able to get fresh flowers even when I don’t go grocery shopping for that week.

How it Works

BloomsyBox has a number of subscription and payment options providing customers with a lot of choice in the frequency and number of blooms they would like to receive. The Bloomsy biweekly plan is $49.99 every 2 weeks and the weekly plan is $44.99 per week. Bloomsy also offers monthly plans: Bloomsy Original ($39.99/month); Bloomsy Deluxe ($49.99/month) and; Bloomsy Premium ($54.99). Depending on the subscription plan you choose, bouquets can range from 16 to 32 stems and include seasonal blooms like Hydrangeas, Gerbers, Daises, Mini Calla Lilies and more. Bloomsy also offers different payment options, for example, with the Bloomsy Original plan, you can do month to month, 3-month prepay ($119.97), 6-month prepay ($239.94) or 12-month prepay ($479.88). You can check out the other payment options for the Bloomsy Deluxe here and for the Bloomsy Premium here. BloomsyBox also offers a Rose Box, which ships members unique rose varieties roses every month. You can view subscription options for Bloomsy Roses here.

But if you don’t want to commit to a subscription, Bloomsy also has an online store where you can make one-time purchases of mixed bouquets, tropical bouquets, premium roses and plants. And just like with their subscription plans, you can choose the delivery date for flowers purchased from BloomsyBox. Shipping with BloomsyBox subscription plans is free but you will have to pay for shipping if you purchase bouquets from their online store. I went through the process of purchasing a bouquet from their online store and I was going to be charged $9.99 for shipping to Salt Lake City.

Getting BloomsyBox

I paid $37.99 ($34.99 with $5 off coupon and $2.53 in tax) for the Bloomsy Original subscription on September 27 and set the delivery date to the earliest available, which was October 6th. My BloomsyBox shipped on October 5th and I received them the following day on October 6th. The bouquet arrived in a brown cardboard box decorated with drawings of flowers and the BloomsyBox logo on the top. When I opened the box, there were instructions on how to prepare, set up and take care of the bouquet on the inside flap. The bouquet was wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine and some of the blooms are protected with plastic netting to prevent them from getting damaged during shipping. The bouquet also came with a flower food sachet. The bouquet had a Fall theme with flowers that were different shades of orange and yellowish-green. Here are pictures of the bouquet I received from BloomsyBox on Day 1, Day 4, Day 8, Day 12, Day 14 and Day 19:

Day 1

Day 4

Day 8

Day 12

Day 14

Day 19

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

The primary thing I loved about the BloomsyBox bouquet was its longevity. As you can see from the photos, the flowers were rather sad looking when they arrived but by Day 4, after receiving fresh water and placed in a temperature controlled room, the flowers really perked up and the bouquet lasted 19 days to be exact. Some blooms, for example, the roses, had withered before day 19 but for the most part, bouquet remained beautiful the entire time. Another thing I loved about the Bloomsy Original bouquet was its beautiful Fall colors, which was the perfect color palette for early October. Additionally, I loved the bouquet’s fragrance, particularly the roses, which was much stronger than the bouquets I usually get from the grocery store. Also, I loved that the blooms’ colors were vibrant and not dyed, which is another thing that sets BloomsyBox bouquet apart from store bought bouquets, which are often dyed to enhance the blooms’ hue. Finally, I loved that BloomsyBox is competitively priced, at least in comparison to other non-subscription based flower delivery services such as 1800flowers.com and BloomsyBox offers free overnight delivery to subscribers.

I also had a few critiques of BloomsyBox. First, when I opened the box, I immediately noticed that the leaves on the bouquet were wilted and some of the blooms were looking a bit sad. The high on October 6th in Salt Lake City was 77 degrees – warm but not hot – so, I felt that the flowers should have held up better or BloomsyBox should have chosen flowers that transported better in such weather. And this made me wonder how long BloomsyBox bouquets, and flower subscription services in general, last in the summer and in what condition they would arrive in, during Utah’s 90+ degree summers? Another critique of BloomsyBox is that you don’t get a vase with the bouquet, which is in contrast to other online flower delivery services that include a choice of vase with each incremental price increase. And finally, I considered getting the Rose box but after reading that the roses arrive at your home within 7 days (!) of being picked, I was worried that the roses would not arrive in very good shape or that they would not last much longer after such an arduous journey. So, it would be interesting to find out how the longevity of the Rose Box stacks up against the BloomsyBox Original subscription.

The Verdict

Although I liked my BloomsyBox bouquet and was pleased by how long the bouquet lasted, I was not pleased at the condition in which many of the blooms arrived – none of the stems or flowers were broken but the leaves were very wilted. If I ever try another flower subscription service in the future, I will be more deliberate in the time of year when I subscribe and avoid subscribing in the summer when temperatures in Utah can get very high. But, if you live in more a more temperate climate, I would recommend BloomsyBox and if you always want your flowers to look great, you should probably consider a (pricier) bi-weekly subscription instead.

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