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Boxwalla Book Box Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The Boxwalla book box was another subscription meant to satiate the book lover (or hoarder?) inside me. Boxwalla offers three different subscription boxes: beauty, film and books, but today I will just be reviewing their book box subscription. For the book box, Boxwalla promises 2 books (fiction or non-fiction) every 2 months from writers around the globe. I wanted to try Boxwalla because it is a great choice for readers who want a book box that introduces them to great writers, past and present from other countries.

How it Works

The Boxwalla offers one subscription plan where you are billed $29.95 every two months for your book box. The other option is a one-time box, perfect for those unwilling to commit to a subscription but who want to enjoy Boxwalla’s limited edition boxes and multi-box bundles. Because Boxwalla is a bimonthly box, billing and cancellation schedules are different from monthly subscription boxes, for example, the cutoff dates for subscription is the 1st of the month that the box ships and the last day to cancel your subscription is the 20th of the preceding month. This means that in order to receive the June box, I had to subscribe by June 1 but if I decided I wanted to cancel my subscription before the next box ships in August, I would have to cancel by July 20th. And finally, shipping within the US is free.

Getting my Boxwalla

Although Boxwalla recommends subscribing to a box by the 1st of the month the box ships, I subscribed to the June box on June 12, and the box shipped on June 15 and arrived at my house on June 22. If I had to guess, I think that Boxwalla’s recommendation to subscribe early is to avoid situations where boxes are sold out quickly. In addition to the two books I received, Boxwalla also throws in a book related item in each box and a note card providing further information about the books and authors included in your box. In the June box, I received a set of beautiful black and white literary themed postcards from Obvious State. Despite the fact I have only sent at most 5 postcards in my entire life, these postcards are so beautiful that it got me thinking about which friends I could send a postcard, who would appreciate it as much as I do. Here are the items included in my June book box from Boxwalla:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

In contrast to other book subscription boxes that I plan to try in the future, Boxwalla gives you your money’s worth. For less than $30 you get two paperback books and one additional item, which based on information on their website about previous boxes, may include stickers, a journal or a treat. Also, I liked that Boxwalla is an environmentally conscious company, with even the boxes coming in tree-free handmade paper (the box is made from paper created from cotton strips by a small company in India). Another thing I liked about the Boxwalla book box is the thoughtfulness behind each book included in the box, the Boxwalla team have a self-proclaimed love of beauty in all its forms and it shows in the book box. The Boxwalla book box has definitely introduced to books and authors I would not have otherwise read or known about and for a book lover that is a very big compliment.

But there are two small critiques I have about the book box. The first is the lack of choice, although I like having books chosen for me because it answers the question, "what should I read next?" I would have also liked to know which books from that particular country weren’t chosen, and if I would have liked them better. Although I believe I will enjoy Memento Mori, it will take me a while before I get around to reading Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone and it makes me think, is this really one of the best books written by an Uruguayan author that could have been included in this box? And second, if you are a fast reader (I love books but I am not a fast reader), having books delivered bimonthly is not going to cut it, you will need to supplement your Boxwalla book box with another book subscription box that delivers monthly.

The Verdict

I liked Boxwalla and I definitely recommend it, particularly because of its value for money. Book boxes have a hard time providing as good a value for money as other subscription boxes and sometimes to make up the difference, they charge for shipping. But, Boxwalla is different and I think it is a great choice for adventurous readers or for those looking to read a good book from an author from a place you would love to visit someday!

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