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Chicklitology Box Review

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Chicklitology, which by the way is an awesome name, is a book subscription box for women that celebrates witty, well-written fiction, about modern women’s lives. This box is geared toward all women and encompasses all aspects of the Chick Lit genre: excitement, motivation, relatability and resolve. Each bi-monthly box is themed and includes a Chick Lit title, either hardcover or paperback, and includes an accompaniment like a t-shirt, journal or jewelry. But the people at Chicklitology also like to throw in a host of additional goodies, for example, a beverage, snacks, bookmark or candle that are excluded from the box’s retail value. I decided to try Chicklitology because I love books and I love to support female authors and although I have had some hits and misses with book subscription boxes, I knew I wanted to give Chicklitology a try.

How it Works

When I subscribed to Chicklitology, I only saw one subscription option, the month to month plan for $34.99 plus $7 in shipping. However, on the website, it says that after completing a 12-month subscription (equivalent to 12 boxes), you become a certified “Chicklitologist” and receive a celebratory, complimentary box and Chicklitologist subscriptions are discounted thereafter. Boxes typically ship between the 15th and 20th of the month and their boxes always include 1 new release or an “oldie but goodie” Chick Lit, self-help, autobiography or romance penned by a female author but on occasion they may include a little erotica.

When you subscribe to Chicklitology you are given a survey of 4 questions to let the Chicklitology team get to know you better. The questions ask for your t-shirt size, allergy information, whether there is a genre of Chick Lit that you would rather not receive, for example, self-help or autobiographies and whether you prefer coffee, tea or wine (white, red, sparkling or Rosé).

Getting Chicklitology

I subscribed to Chicklitology on July 28 and my box was shipped on August 1 and delivered on August 3. My Chicklitology box came in a very large USPS Priority Mail box that was bulging at the sides due to its contents. When I opened the box, I realized that it contained a large plush blanket, which when I carefully unfolded had a host of other items wrapped inside the blanket. The theme for my box was “Believe in Yourself” and it included some pretty cool stuff:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I have only tried a couple book subscription boxes so far but of the ones I have tried, Chicklitology has been my hands down favorite. I think Chicklitology has very good value for money because with just the price of the couple items I could find online, the box has basically paid for itself. I LOVED the Bee Kind throw and I have been using it (after washing it of course) ever since I got it. It is so comfy, and I love that it is large enough that it could probably fit a queen-sized mattress. I also loved the mug because I actually collect mugs from countries I have travelled to and so this mug will fit in quite fine with the other mugs in my collection. The mug isn’t large, and it is made of the type of ceramic that may start to flake in a couple years, but it is unique with its raised tactile honeycomb pattern and I love it. I grew up eating plantains and so the plantain chips with ime was the perfect snack for me and I am not one to turn down chocolate. I enjoyed Me & the Bees Lemonade with Mint and found it very refreshing (not too sweet, not very tart). I wasn’t a huge fan of the Passion Berry Jolt tea by Tiesta Tea when I first tried it, but I will try it again because I love passion fruit (one of the main ingredients).

I was also impressed that Chicklitology was able to fit so much stuff in that box and that neither the mug nor the lemonade broke because that would have been a disaster. And, I also loved the quick turnaround time on the box. Apparently, Chicklitology always has previous month’s boxes ready to go for new subscribers, so no matter what time of the month you subscribe, you won’t have to wait for a long time to get your first box.

I only have a few minor critiques of Chicklitology. The first is charging for shipping, now to be fair, almost all book subscription boxes charge for shipping and it was sent Priority so it costs Chicklitology at least $22 to ship such a large box to me but still, I always balk whenever US-based boxes charge for shipping in the continental U.S. Another critique is that I wish subscribers got to choose their own book rather than just say which genre they would rather not receive. Because although the book, Risking It All, is not a self-help or autobiography (the two genres I said I did not want to receive), it is still not a book I would have purchased for myself and I probably won’t read it. And finally, I wished my items had arrived in a fun Chicklitology box instead of the USPS Priority Mail box because it made me apprehensive of the contents of the box but thank goodness I was happily surprised. I think Chicklitology should get their own boxes, ones that are as fun as the box's contents.

The Verdict

Overall, I really liked the Chicklitology book box and I would readily recommend it to booklovers who want a great curated box that pampers your inner chicklitologist. Although you are not currently able to choose the book that you receive in your box, if Chicklitology ever offered that feature, I think this book box may just be the perfect book box!

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