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Daily Look Box Review

Daily Look is a premium clothing subscription box that sends subscribers professionally curated styles based on your body shape, preferences, and lifestyle. Clothing items included in your Daily Look box start at $60 and up, making Daily Look the priciest clothing subscription box (on average), that I have tried so far (check out my reviews of Wantable, Stitch Fix and Trunk Club). Considering myself a veteran of clothing subscription boxes at this point, I had really high hopes for Daily Look.

How it Works

Daily Look subscription boxes have a $40 styling fee which applies toward items that you keep, which means that the service of a stylist is free if you make a purchase. Similar to other clothing subscription services, you only pay for the items you keep, and you can choose to receive a box monthly, every other month, or quarterly. You may also choose to skip a box, or you can cancel your subscription at any time. Daily Look sends up to 12 items and offers members a box preview and the opportunity to veto some styles before your box is shipped to you. And once you receive a box, you are encouraged to try everything on and then you have 5 days to buy or return items in the box. You also get a discount if you purchase more than 3 items from your box. And finally, Daily Look offers free shipping and free returns.

When you sign up for Daily Look, you have to complete a comprehensive styling quiz that asks about your height, weight, body shape as well as colors, prints, fabrics and apparel/accessory categories that you do not want Daily Look to send. And, as part of the styling quiz, I looked through different outfits and gave them a thumbs up or thumbs down along with a few comments on which items I liked (and why) from each outfit. Interestingly, Daily Look’s quiz also asks for your social media usernames so that your stylist can better get to know your fashion sense (I declined). The quiz also asked about your favorite clothing brands and preferred jewelry tone (silver or gold). Daily Look also asks for you shoe size although they currently do not send subscribers shoes.

Getting Daily Look

I subscribed to Daily Look on August 1st and because Daily Look was having a promotion, I got 50% off my styling fee and so I was only charged $20 for the styling fee. Next, I scheduled my first box to arrive by August 28 with the bimonthly (every other month) subscription plan. I received an email from my stylist on August 17th informing me that my box had been styled and I was able to veto a maximum of 3 of the 8 items on the box. Then on August 19th my box was shipped and by August 22, it arrived at my house. Here are the 8 items that I received in my box.

What I liked and Didn’t Like

One of the things I liked about Daily Look was the quality of their jeans, both Level 99 and 1Demin are great quality jeans and exactly what I was looking for. I also liked that I was able to preview the box and veto items that I did not like. The only other clothing subscription box that I have tried that does that is Trunk Club by Nordstrom and I really appreciated it. I also liked their iPhone app and although I didn’t use it, I liked the convenience of the iPhone app and the option to use it if I wasn’t able to preview my box or purchase items in my box from my laptop. And, I liked that Daily Look partners with charities, so that you can donate 1-2 gently worn quality clothes to women in need.

Unfortunately, the things I disliked about Daily Look outweighed the things I liked about it. For example, the first item of clothing in the box was a plaid shirt and I groaned because I do not like plaid. The other thing I noticed was that all 3 of the shirts had the same high-low hem that I dislike and all 3 were sweaters. I went online to make sure that I had checked the box in the styling quiz that asks which patterns/styles to avoid and I indicated that I did not like plaid and did not want to receive sweaters/jackets, yet there they were in my box. Also, why send the same high-low style for all the tops in the box? That made little sense to me because you would think the stylist would want to send as many different styles as possible to make sure the member got something they liked.

I was only able to find the Level 99 and 1Demn jeans from other retailers and Daily Look’s prices were roughly $20 higher. Nevertheless, I ended up only keeping the Hampton Comfort Short and when my promotional $20 styling fee was deducted, I paid $52.93 (tax included) for the shorts. I wanted to keep the 1Demin jeans but it was too long, and when I spoke to customer service to see if I could exchange the jeans for a pair that was a petite or short/ankle length, I was told that Daily Look does not carry petite sizes. In other words, why ask about preferred length of pants, if they aren’t going to provide that option? Also, I disliked that with the exception of the shorts that I ended up purchasing, all the other items were dark colors (black/navy blue/olive green). It would have been a much better box with some color, even the short sleeve sweater was black! And as a shoe lover, I was disappointed that shoes are not an item that Daily Look currently offers.

My box only included 7 items of clothing and then 1 box of medical masks. I understand that we are still in a pandemic and there was a shortage of masks but I felt that in a box with so few items in the first place, I missed out on another item of clothing I could have liked and instead received disposable masks, which are terrible for the environment anyway. And although I got to preview my box, I wanted to veto 4 of the 8 items that the stylist had chosen for me, but Daily Look only allows you to veto a maximum of 3 items. This meant that before the box even arrived, I knew there was an item in the box that I didn’t want but was sent anyway.

The other problem I had with Daily Look was with the checkout process. When I went to purchase the shorts in my box, I realized that Daily Look was showing that my box had not yet been delivered because of this, I was unable to purchase anything in my box until Daily Look showed my box as having been delivered. At first, I emailed my Daily Look stylist for help solving the problem but when I didn’t receive a response after a couple days, I did an online chat with customer service and they were able to fix the problem. It was only after the box was shown as having been delivered in Daily Look’s system that I was able to complete my purchase. Then, I was informed of the date by which to return items that I did not want.

The Verdict

Although I requested another stylist for my next box, I ultimately cancelled Daily Look after the first box because I think their styling was a lot further than the other 3 clothing subscription boxes that I have tried. The main problem I have with Daily Look is that I don’t I like their aesthetic, for example, they offer very little color and as you take the style quiz, you will notice that a lot of their outfits look very similar, from the color palette to the styling. I would recommend Daily Look to those who are interested in getting slightly higher quality clothes than subscription boxes like Stitch Fix and Wantable, especially higher-end denim (over $100), but I think Trunk Club offers more variety both in price and styling and Stitch Fix is more stylish overall.

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