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Finders Seekers Box Review

Finders Seekers is a monthly game subscription box where subscribers receive a fun and challenging escape room adventure. Subscribers receive mysteries located in a specific locale and they get to learn more about each city while solving puzzles, decoding cryptic messages and discovering underground societies. Finder Seekers mysteries are standalone mysteries and can be played either alone or with a group. To solve each puzzle you will need to rely on your sleuthing skills, research and online tools. I subscribed to Finders Seekers because I love playing board games and I wanted to try a fun, new, challenging game.

How it Works

Finder Seekers has 4 subscription options: monthly ($30), 3 month prepay ($87), 6 month prepay (162) and 12 month prepay ($300). Subscriptions automatically renew and you can cancel your subscription at any time, however, it isn’t clear whether their cancel anytime policy also applies to prepaid subscription options. Contents vary with each box, but you can expect to receive items that will help you solve the mystery or point you to online resources to complete necessary challenges.

Getting Finder Seekers

I subscribed to Finders Seekers on October 19 and my first puzzle box was shipped on October 24th and delivered on October 26. The subscription arrived in a brown envelope with the Finder Seekers logo and branding on the front. Inside the brown envelope was a second brown envelope with the word “classified” written across the front and instructions on how to start the mystery on back of the envelope. For the October box, I received a mystery set in Las Vegas where I had to find the location, time and date of a casino robbery. To help me solve the mystery, the following items were inside the second envelope:

  • Introductory letter

  • Pack of playing cards

  • Pair of dice

  • 3 electric wire ties

  • Hoover Dam puzzle

  • Fremont Street puzzle

  • Las Vegas Weddings brochure

  • The Strat puzzle

  • Mode fashion advertisement

  • Caesars puzzle

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

When I opened the Finder Seekers packet, the first thing I noticed was the pack of playing cards and the dice. My hubby and I moved last year and I’m not certain that our pack of playing cards made the move (or maybe it is still in one of our unopened moving boxes?), but in any case, I loved that the game included playing cards because you can never have too many packs of playing cards and/or pairs of dice. Another thing liked about Finders Seekers is that before each clue, you are given interesting facts about the city, for instance, although I have been to Las Vegas many times, I learnt that there is a rotating restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere Tower inside the STRAT hotel, so I will definitely have to put that on my list next time I visit Vegas. Something else I learnt from the Finders Seekers box is the different winning hands, for example, I learnt the difference between a flush and a royal flush.

I liked that Finders Seekers uses a variety of clues types, for example, in order to solve one puzzle, we had to listen to the lyrics of a song to get clues. Another puzzle involved using the electric wire ties to connect different letters that spell out the clue. Also, I liked how visually appealing the Finders Seekers packing envelope was and it made me excited to play the game. Another positive about Finders Seekers is that it only took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to finish the game, so it wasn’t a long and drawn-out game that eventually causes you to lose interest. In order to complete the mystery, we had to solve 10 puzzles in addition to the final puzzle that revealed the time, date and location of the heist. For each puzzle, Finders Seekers provides helpful hints and even the answer, if you are stuck. We took advantage of hints most of the time and only needed the answer about 3 times, because we are an impatient people!

The website and online resources to complete the puzzle were easy to use and we didn’t have any problems getting any of online resources to work once we entered to correct clue. And, after you solve the mystery, you can enter to win a prize from Finders Seekers. It isn’t clear what the prize is, but I liked that there was the possibility of an “extra” reward at the end of the mystery. Finally, the box I received did not contain any graphic details and/or pictures and so Finders Seekers is perfect for the entire family or for those who don’t like reading or seeing blood and gore.

There were a few things I didn’t like about the Las Vegas box from Finders Seekers. First, we didn’t feel immersed in the game because the storyline was very simplistic and there wasn’t much of a background story about the character we were playing, for example, what does s/he look like? How old are they? Did they come to Vegas alone or with a crew? And because we didn’t feel very invested in the game or its characters, each puzzle felt like a task and so the moment we were stuck on a puzzle, we just requested the answer. Also, the way the different puzzles fit together wasn’t very well explained, meaning our character just seemed to jump from one location to another with little explanation on how the locations are connected.

In comparison to the Dead Bolt Mystery Society (read my review here), there were a lot fewer items (in terms of puzzles, clues, ciphers etc.) in the Finders Seekers package, which took away from the immersive experience that I was hoping for. And although many clues and puzzles took place on online, one clue was particularly frustrating because it required using a barcode reader, which neither me nor my partner had on our phones, so we had to download a paid bar code reading app that thankfully had a 1-week free trial period, in order to get the clue. If a clue needs a bar code reader, the game should provide this resource, or an even better idea would be to use a QR code since most cellphones can read QR codes without the use of a special app. And finally, I wish Finders Seekers sold mystery boxes without a subscription.

The Verdict

I liked Finders Seekers and I especially love the fact that I now have a new set of playing cards and dice. I recommend Finders Seekers to those who try out a mystery box that the entire family, including children 7 and over, can enjoy. I find that the Las Vegas mystery was very simple and easily solved, so you don’t have to worry about children quickly losing interest and wandering off after 2 of a 4-hour mystery. However, those who enjoy immersive, complex mysteries are unlikely to find Finders Seekers very challenging.

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