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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Review

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I tried Ipsy years ago back when Glam bags costed only $10 but cancelled my subscription after few months because I didn’t like that the bags weren’t very customizable and none of the products were full-sized. But Ipsy has come a long way since then. Not only has Ipsy made their glam bags one of the most customizable in the subscription service business but in 2018, they introduced the Glam Bag Plus which promised full-sized products. Then again, in 2019, Ipsy introduced the Glam Bag Ultimate which promises 12 products, making the Glam Bag Ultimate one of the biggest, in terms of number of products received, beauty boxes available. So, with all these new changes, I was really looking forward to reviewing Ipsy’s mid-tier subscription box, the Glam Bag Plus.

How it Works

Ipsy offers monthly and yearly subscription plans and 3 different membership levels: Glam Bag, the Glam Bag Plus and Glam Bag Ultimate. The Glam Bag is the most affordable of the three membership levels and costs $12 per month with a promise of products totaling at least $50 in retail value. The Glam Bag offers 5 deluxe samples along with a makeup bag, the chance to choose 1 product monthly and add up to 5 products monthly. The Glam Bag Plus is the second, or middle tier, membership level and costs $25 with a promise of at least $120 worth of products in each box. The Glam Bag features 5 full-sized products thereby addressing the biggest issue I had with the Glam Bag when I subscribed years ago. The Glam Bag Plus also features a makeup bag, the chance to choose 1 product monthly and the ability to add up to 5 additional products monthly. The top tier Ipsy membership is the Glam Bag Ultimate which costs $50 per month and promises a retail value of at least $250. The Glam Bag Ultimate promises all the features of the Glam Bag Plus except that the Glam Bag Ultimate features 12 products, 8 full sized products and 4 deluxe sample sized products in every box.

When you sign up for Ipsy, you take a comprehensive beauty quiz that helps Ipsy personalize your bag. In the quiz they ask questions about the frequency (Often, Sometimes, Rarely) you would like to receive different items such as hair products, makeup, nail products etc. They also ask questions about lip stick colors that you like/don’t like so that if you are a red lipstick only kind of girl, Ipsy doesn’t send you brown lipstick.

Ipsy also has a new Add-On option, where on the 2nd of every month you can get purchase additional deluxe sample size products for $3 each or full-sized products for $12, $18 or $25 each. Add-ons ship for free with your Glam Bag and are discounted 50 to 80% off their retail value. However, Add-Ons are only available for 36 hours or until products sell out.

Getting Ipsy

I signed up for Ipsy on May 4 but didn’t receive my Glam Bag Plus until June 20 and I did not receive an email informing me that the order was shipped. I think the reason my order shipped so late is because I tried to cancel my Glam Bag Plus membership soon after signing up, so that I wouldn’t forget and get charged for another month. But according to the Ipsy website, Glam Bags should leave their warehouse mid-month and arrive 10 business days after they are shipped. Also, they ship their Bags in batches so you Glam Bag could arrive anywhere from the 2nd to the 4th week of the month. Although I can’t say for sure why my Glam Bag Plus took over a month to ship (and why I never received an email saying that it had shipped) but it was a welcome surprise when I saw it in my mailbox. So, here are the items, I received in my June Glam Bag Plus:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I liked how comprehensive the beauty quiz because it helped increase the odds that I would receive a Glam Bag with items I would be sure to like and actually use. In fact, Ipsy’s quiz has helped make the Glam Bag one of the most customizable beauty subscription boxes out there today. Also, their new Add-On feature is great because it allows you to try even more products for a very good price. I also like the value for money with Ipsy, the Glam Bag Plus promises at least $120 worth of products and my Glam Bag exceeded that number by $41. And finally, I like the variety of brands featured in my Glam Bag Plus, it ensures that even if you subscribe to other beauty/skincare boxes, you probably won’t get much overlap or repeats if you go with Ipsy. And finally, I liked that Ipsy allowed subscribers to skip a month if they need to but this need to be done before 12 p.m. PT on the last day of the month.

My dislikes shouldn’t be very surprising given it took me over a month to receive my Glam Bag Plus. I dislike the entire cancellation process with Ipsy because it seems to be more of a hassle than it needs to be. Granted, I had problems because I tried to cancel my subscription soon after joining but again, it was a way bigger hassle than it needs to be and involves remembering to look for a final cancellation email from Ipsy. Also, the Help Section of their website is difficult to navigate and is not very helpful at all. Another dislike is that although I stated that I wanted primarily skincare products in my Glam Bag Plus, of the 5 items that I received, 3 of them were makeup. And although I liked the included makeup bag, I am not sure what I would do with getting a makeup bag per month if I had a longer subscription. Finally, I was able to get a Glam Bag Plus subscription but the Ipsy website wants that there are a limited number of Glam Bag Plus and Glam Bag Ultimate subscriptions available.

The Verdict

I recommend Ipsy for those who want a box that includes both makeup and skincare products. However, if you are subscribing to Ipsy in order to try new skincare products, you will be disappointed because Ipsy, at its core, is a makeup subscription box.

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