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Jackie's Chocolate Box Review

Jackie’s Chocolate is a monthly chocolate subscription box that gives members an assortment of approximately 15 chocolates per box. These chocolates run the gamut of fillings including crunchy nuts, chewy caramels, fluffy marshmallows and fruit-filled centers in milk, dark and white chocolate. I usually give a reason why a subscription box appealed to me and why I chose to subscribe but with a chocolate subscription box, I don’t think that will be necessary. So, read on to see what I thought of my first chocolate subscription box!

How it Works

Jackie’s Chocolate currently offers the following subscription plan options: monthly ($29.95); 3-month prepaid ($89.85); 6-month prepaid ($179) and; 12-month prepaid ($359). All subscription plans come with free shipping, a free gift message and is carefully packaged to arrive at your door cool and fresh. Jackie’s monthly subscription plans automatically renew and you can pause, skip or cancel you monthly subscription at any time. However, the 3, 6 and 12-month subscription plans do not auto-renew, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges. The first box ships within 7 days and subsequent boxes ship approximately every month. Jackie’s Chocolates may delay shipments due to excessive heat or extreme weather, ensuring that you don’t get melted or soggy chocolates. Jackie’s Chocolate only ships within the U.S.

Jackie’s Chocolate also has an online store (which also includes sugar-free options) for subscribers who want to purchase a box of their favorite chocolates from their monthly box or for those who do not want to commit to a subscription. Shipping rates for purchases on the online store are quite steep, beginning at $14.95, but it includes thermal insulation and deep freeze cold packs to ensure that your chocolates arrive cool and fresh. Purchases of over $75 at the online store earn free shipping. One benefit of a subscription over one-time purchases however, is that subscribers get exclusive boxes that are not available in the online store.

Getting Jackie’s Chocolate

I paid for a monthly subscription of Jackie’s Chocolate on September 20 and my chocolates were shipped on September 24 and I received them on September 29. The chocolates arrived in a white box with Jackie’s Chocolates written in purple on the box. Inside the white shipping box was another smaller white box with a gold bow, all wrapped in clear plastic with “Jackie’s Chocolate – Chocolate Subscription” written across the front of the box. Inside the box were 15 chocolates, 5 were dark chocolate, 2 were white chocolate and the remainder were milk chocolate. Below is a picture of the chocolates I received in my September Box from Jackie’s Chocolate.

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

There are quite a few things that I liked about Jackie’s Chocolate. First, I liked that the chocolates arrived in good condition, none of the chocolates were broken or melted or crushed. Also, the chocolates were overall quite good and were similar in quality to a mid-price range ($$) box of chocolates available at grocery stores, such as Kroger. The chocolates included many oldies but goodies including nougat, salted caramel and nut fillings. Jackie’s Chocolate are geared toward those of us who love sweet bonbon chocolates but not chocolate connoisseurs who love complex and unique flavors like Indian curry chocolate or green tea infused chocolate or my personal favorite chili/spicy chocolates. In other words, almost everyone will love the chocolates they receive in their Jackie’s Chocolate subscription box.

I only have a few things I didn’t like about Jackie’s chocolates. First, I didn’t like that the box did not come with a legend/key telling me which chocolates contained what filling. I like to know what I am eating before I put it in my mouth, so this was a big negative for me. In fact, on more than one occasion, I only ate half a chocolate because the filling was not what I expected so I saved the other half of the chocolate before moving on to try another chocolate. So, near to the end of the box, I had a few half-eaten chocolates with fillings that weren’t necessarily bad but was not what I was in the mood for at the time. Another critique of Jackie’s Chocolates is that in the box I received, the flavors were not much different from less expensive chocolates you can buy at the grocery store or at a local chocolatier. And finally, I didn’t like that you didn’t get to choose the types of chocolates that you would rather not receive, for example, I am not a fan of white chocolate or fruit fillings and others maybe allergic to nuts but with Jackie’s Chocolates you are not able to customize your box.

The Verdict

I would recommend Jackie’s Chocolate to chocoholics who love to bonbons and want to get a tasty treat in their mailbox every month. For chocolate connoisseurs, who love chocolates with complex and unique flavors with high cacao content, Jackie’s Chocolates may not be the best option for you.

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