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Stitch Fix Box Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

I received my first Stitch Fix box in the mail over the weekend and I was so excited to see what was inside. In contrast to the Trunk Club where you get to preview everything in your Trunk before it ships, the contents in the Stitch Fix are a complete surprise. So, here are my thoughts on my first Stitch Fix box.

How it Works

Stitch Fix does not require a subscription to start and you can try it only once or set up automatic deliveries. I opted for the every 2 month subscription but the other options are every 2-3 weeks, every month or every three month deliveries. You pay a $20 styling fee for each delivery, which gets credited to the items you decide to keep. Similar to the Trunk Club, you take a comprehensive style quiz and provide information about your style, for example, what colors or patterns you would never wear and then you are asked to rate different outfits. After you create your profile and pay your styling fee, you just wait for the email informing you that your Fix has been shipped. It took 6 days after signing up for my first Fix to ship and it arrived in 3 days. So, there is quite a quick turnaround if you are eager to get your new wardrobe started. And of course, shipping and returns are free, all you have to do is to send your unwanted items back using the large Priority Mail shipping envelope included your box.

Getting my Fix

In comparison to the Trunk Club, the Fix box is much smaller. My Fix arrived in a medium sized box that I could easily carry under one arm. This meant that my Fix has a lot fewer items than my Trunk but the pieces I received where a lot more in line with my style. In my box, I received five items:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I loved that Stitch Fix got my style on my first box and even better, I liked that the box did not contain too many items, which also helped keep the cost of the box down. In fact, if I had decided to purchase all 5 items, it would have only costs $265.75 ($285.75 – my $20 styling fee). I also liked that they threw in one high price item, the silk dress, into the box. However, I only decided to keep two items in the box the faux wrap blouse and the distressed jeans. Although I liked the other items, especially the dress, I had issues with all 3 items that made me choose not to buy them. First, the silk dress was beautiful and it felt and looked great but I was not a fan of the pattern, I am pretty certain I said I did not like paisley patterns in my style quiz and although this dress did not have a paisley print, it was close enough to a paisley print that it made me not want to spend $164 to buy it. Second, I loved the style of the sandal and would have totally purchased them if they were in leather but they were made of a canvas type material and were oatmeal in color, so I knew that I would probably stain the shoe my first time wearing it and it would have made me very sad. And then third, I chose not to purchase the cardigan because I didn’t like the quality and also because I don’t like cardigans that don’t close, I need a zipper or buttons or something that I can do up if I need to but this cardigan had neither.

The Verdict

Although I only kept two items, I liked my Stitch Fix box and am looking forward to my next Fix in two months’ time. And although I liked how reasonably priced the items were, I looked up the price of some of the items online and was surprised by what I found. For example, a cardigan by Cotton Emporium similar to the one I received in my Stitch Fix box was available at a much lower price from Nordstrom Rack and other items like the Tolani Vinsen Silk Tunic Dress and the Mine Galvin Faux Wrap Blouse were almost impossible to find from other retailers, so it is difficult to know the price that other retailers would charge for these items. I understand that I am paying for the convenience of getting stylish clothes in the mail but I would still have been annoyed if I had kept the cardigan and saw a very similar style by the same brand on sale on another website!

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