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Trunk Club Box Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

I received my first box from the Trunk Club over the weekend and was so excited to try everything on. The Trunk club is one of many subscription boxes that I have decided to try out in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. I can’t eat when I am stressed or anxious, which I have been due to the pandemic, and I managed to lose a lot of weight and now none of my clothes fit anymore. So, I used this opportunity to try out some clothing subscription boxes, and the Trunk Club was the first to deliver.

How it Works

Trunk Club is a subscription clothing service from Nordstrom, and you are charged a $25 styling fee for Trunks, which is applied toward the cost of any of the clothes in the Trunk that you decide to keep. I choose to receive a Trunk every 2 months, but you can choose the every 3 month or every month option. When you sign up for Trunk Club, you answer a comprehensive style quiz where you are asked information about your size, weight, areas of the body you want to accentuate, areas you would like to mask, which colors and patterns you would never wear, how much you usually spend on different items of clothing, shoes or accessories and then finally you are shown pictures of different outfits or items of clothing, accessories, shoes etc. and asked to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down in order to get a better sense of your personal style. I would say put aside at least 15 minutes to complete the styling quiz because if you are like me, you probably will change your mind about your styling preferences after doing the “style swipes” and have to go back and change your answers to a few questions. But keep in mind that you can change your answers and do “style swipes” any time you like, so that the stylist gets a better idea of your personal style and can curate your boxes accordingly. And of course, shipping and returns are free and you get a window of 5 calendar days to decide what to keep and what you want to return. You can either use the included mailing label to return your items by mail or you can go to your local Nordstrom and return your unwanted Trunk items in-store.

Before my Trunk was shipped, I was sent an email telling me that my Trunk had been curated and that I could log into my account to view the items. I highly recommend that you view your Trunk before it ships because it gives you an opportunity to change the color or size of items or accept or reject items that will be in your Trunk. Now, I am so happy that I took advantage of this step because I think the pricing of the items that were scheduled to come in my Trunk was way off. I do spend a bit more on clothes than most of my family and friends but they were going to send me a romper that costs $350 (!!!), there is no way they could have come to the conclusion that I would spend that much on a romper but there it was, picked out for my Trunk. In all, I ended up rejecting all but 2 items that were originally chosen for me and when you reject an item, you must provide a reason and i generally rejected items due to cost and it just not being something I would wear. So, from my experience, I would say that styling algorithm did not work very well for me the first time. After my input, I received another email alerting me to the new items that would be in my Trunk. And although I was able to preview these items, I was not able to change anything other than the color or size, the second time around.

Getting the Trunk

The Trunk is a very large box, the size of box that you have to lift with two hands along with some leg and lower back strength. However, it also means that you will be getting a lot of stuff in the box and you are very likely to want to keep at least a handful (but hopefully more) of items in the Trunk. Here are the items I received in my Trunk:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

As you can see from the item list, the prices and brands encompassed a good range of items, which I really liked because prior to the Trunk Club, if I found a pair of jeans I liked in one brand, I would stick to that brand for years, the same goes for tops, bras, underwear, shoes. Basically, I am not a department store shopper and for the most part, all of my clothes tend to come from 2-3 brands, and so I liked that the Trunk Club took me out of my comfort zone and made me try brands and styles that I otherwise would not try.

But there were a few things that I didn’t like about my Trunk. First, of the 11 items they sent, I only kept 3 items: the cutoff shorts, the scoop neck tee and the racerback bra. The other items were just not pieces I would wear, for example, the surplice top looked terrible on me and it was cropped and I am pretty sure I noted in my style quiz that my mid-section was an area that I wanted to hide not accentuate. Another miss for me was the wedge sandals, not because I don’t like wedge sandals but I didn’t like that the wedge was made of a foam-like material and not cork or wood like nicer wedge sandals. The other items like the T-shirt dress, ribbed tank and high waist crop pants were just not my style and the pants were too see-through for my taste. I did like the color of the Tory Burch sandals but it was too flat (I am 5’2 ½” and so I always want some lift in my shoes) and although the hair clips were cute, they ripped my hair out so back they went.

After trying everything on, I logged into my Trunk club account and purchased the items I decided to keep. I then packed the remaining items back into the Trunk, stuck the included mailing label on the box and then taped the lid with the two pieces of tape that are included in the box (which I think is very handy and thoughtful by the way).

The Verdict

Overall, the Trunk was not as good as I had hoped it would be but because this is just the first Trunk, I am hoping that subsequent boxes will get better as the stylist learns more about my preferences. And in the end, the Trunk Club did meet one of my goals, which was to try new things because I would have never bought a scoop neck tee-shirt in camo if I saw it in a store but it was in my Trunk and I tried it on and it fit well and looked nice and so now I own a camo tee! Nevertheless, I am looking forward to my next Trunk, which arrives in September!

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