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OuiPlease Box Review

OuiPlease is a customizable bi-monthly subscription box for the Francophile, whose occasional trips to France is not enough. OuiPlease delivers a curated selection of French full-sized products in jewelry, beauty, food, apparel and accessories. Each volume of OuiPlease has its own theme and variation to keep you wanting more! The boxes are carefully curated by a team of French influencers and contain the finest in French products. The brands included in each box are meticulously researched, and the products are personally reviewed. The product selection introduces OuiPlease members to up-and-coming designers, undiscovered brands and a delicious dash of French style. This box is a luxury experience that transports the subscriber straight to France and back.

As a bit of a Francophile myself, I was so excited to learn about OuiPlease and I was even more pleased that the box ships from Dallas, TX and not France. I subscribe to another French subscription box, Emma & Chloé, that ships from France and having to wait weeks for my jewelry to arrive is downright torture! Also, I love the variety and items in previous boxes, but I was hesitant to join after reading some negative reviews, but when I saw that there was a sale on subscriptions, I couldn’t resist and immediately signed up.

How it Works

OuiPlease promises subscribers over $300 value in each box and 8+ full-sized items. The subscription box offers two membership options: bi-monthly and annual. With the bi-monthly subscription, members are charged $150 every 2 months, the membership is auto-renewing, and you can cancel at any time. The annual membership costs $650 for 6 boxes over 12 months and is not auto-renewing. But for those who do not want a membership, there is also the option to buy a one-time box for $165. New subscribers will also have to fill out a profile, where you select your clothing size and color preferences.

OuiPlease ships to the U.S. and Canada, but shipping is free only to U.S. subscribers. Canadian subscribers are charged a flat-rate fee of $40.86 (yikes!) to cover the cost of duties and taxes. OuiPlease ships boxes every two months and so depending on when you join, you may have to wait for the next shipping phase to receive your first box. In other words, OuiPlease does not offer staggered shipping and instead, ship all boxes the same week, approximately two months from when the box is announced.

OuiPlease also has an online store, OuiShop, where anyone can buy à la carte items from previous boxes.

Getting OuiPlease Box

I subscribed to La Parisienne Box, Volume 5.4 on September 26, 2020 during a sale on membership subscriptions. There was some confusion at first because I immediately got an email asking me to customize the French Rivera Box that was currently being shipped. I emailed customer service to confirm that I would be receiving the La Parisienne Box and I got a response 10 days later assuring me that my first box would be La Parisienne Box.

On November 20th, almost a month later, I got an email asking me to customize my box by choosing my preferred style for CLAP Paris clip-on accessory and my preferred color for Le Rouge Français lipstick. Then, I received an email a couple weeks later on December 15 informing me that my box had been shipped and provided a tracking number. When the tracking number never brought up any information after 1 week, I reached out to OuiPlease on December 28th and received a response a couple days later informing me that my box was going to be shipped the same day.

I received my box on January 5th and after eagerly opening the package and looking at everything inside, I noticed that the CLAP Paris clip-on accessory was missing. After unpacking the box's contents, I noticed that inside was a note saying that some items may ship later. I got an email almost 3 weeks later saying that due to COVID-19, shipments from France that exceed 220 lbs. could no longer be shipped and the change has forced OuiPlease to ship products in smaller quantities, which takes much more time. As of my writing on February 17, I still have not received the remaining items from my La Parisienne Box.

The OuiPlease box arrived in a brown box but inside was a beautiful white box with OuiPlease written in gold lettering on the top and a white bow to secure the box’s contents. The box's contents were wrapped in brown tissue paper and included the following items:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

Paris is one of my favorite cities and I love French style, so I was really looking forward to this box. I liked that the box included items from jewelry, beauty, food, apparel and accessories. I also liked the quality and style of the products I received, especially the “Bosco” ring and the white fashion socks. Additionally, I liked the aesthetic of the box and its contents, it really reminded me of Paris, so thematically, this box was on point! And finally, I liked that I had a choice in the color of Le Rouge Français lipstick and CLAP Paris clip-on accessory and that I got to preview all the items in the box before they shipped.

But unfortunately, the things that I disliked about this box far outweighed the things I liked. The first thing I didn’t like is that I was shipped an incomplete box without any prior warning that the clip-on accessory wouldn’t be in the box. And after a month since receiving the rest of my box, I still haven’t received the clip-on accessory. Also, when I added up the cost of the products (except the tote bag) I received, it fell far below the promised value of $300+. In fact, the products only came to $162 (before tax) and after looking up the price of the clip on accessory that was missing from my box (the more expensive of the two clip on accessories had a suggested retail price of 37€ or ~$45), the total cost of the box would still have only come to around $207 (before tax), so unless the tote bag costs about $100, this total value of box falls far below the promised $300+ in value per box.

Another disappointment was that the highest ticket item in the box was a lipstick! I would have preferred the highest ticket item to be something that lasts longer than a lipstick! In fact, I am not even sure that the lipstick color I received was the color I choose back in November but there is no way to know for sure whether the lipstick color I received is in fact the color I chose over three months ago!

Also, I didn’t like the response time of customer service. I know many online businesses have struggled with shipping delays caused by the pandemic, but I didn’t like that they took almost three weeks to let subscribers know that there were problems getting products from France. Furthermore, I didn’t like that they asked for a subscription renewal before I had even received my first box, I had to email customer service to have them pause my subscription until I had received the first box.

The Verdict

Unsurprisingly, I did not renew my subscription to OuiPlease. I am happy that I got the membership at a discounted rate or I would have been very upset that the products I received were worth only a few dollars more than the full $150 membership cost! Although I think this box does fulfill its purpose of sending members a little bit of France every 2 months, the poor customer service and the widely varying value for money with each box made me decide not to continue my subscription. On the bright side, at least you get to preview each box's contents, so you will know exactly what to expect before you subscribe!

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