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Perfume Surprise Box Review

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Perfume Surprise is a monthly perfume and jewelry discovery subscription box that offers luxury designer perfumes to members. Perfume Surprise sends members 5 different spray perfume samples of 2.5 ml, selected around a monthly theme. For example, if the theme of the month is inspired by “oriental fragrances”, then the designer perfumes you will receive for that month will each have a blend of warmth and sensuality and a bouquet that would include fragrances such as vanilla, wood and “exotic flowers and spices”. The box also includes a jewelry set that is inspired by the monthly theme. Perfume surprise is independent and is not affiliated with any perfume companies and/or manufacturers. Additionally, and Perfume Surprise maintains that its perfumes are genuine products independently rebottled by Perfume Surprise in Miami, Florida.

How it Works

Perfume Surprise currently offers members three subscription options: monthly ($24.99); 3-month prepaid ($67.50) and; 6-month prepaid ($125). Each subscription plan option includes a jewelry set and free shipping. Perfume Surprise also has an online store where you can purchase deluxe sample sizes of designer perfumes.

Getting Perfume Surprise

I paid for a monthly subscription to Perfume Surprise on September 18 and my first box was shipped on September 28 but did not receive my first box until October 9th due to postal delays. Perfume Surprise arrived in a plain white shipping box and inside was a seafoam green Perfume Surprise box with cutouts to hold 5 spray bottles of designer perfumes and a small box labelled “Surprise” that contained a matching emerald green necklace and earring set. My first box included 6 sample size fragrances (5 fragrances + 1 extra fragrance) and the jewelry set. Here is the list of the items that were included in my box, prices are for full-sized bottles of the perfumes I received:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I loved the variety and quality of the perfumes I received, and the perfume bouquets definitely complimented each other, indicating that there is quite a bit of thought that goes into deciding which perfumes to put in each month’s box. I also believe that the perfumes are authentic judging from their bouquet (some of which I am familiar with, for example, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream) and how long they lasted (fake perfumes, may smell like the real deal but the scent disappears quickly). Also, I loved that they included well known fragrances like Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream with lesser known designer fragrances like Boucheron Quatre en Rouge. And although the bottles are quite small, I wear perfume about 5 times a week on average and the 5 bottles (sans the extra fragrance) lasted me for longer than a month, which means that each Perfume Surprise box should last until next month’s box arrives. I also liked that the spray bottles had extra-long tubes, so I was able to get every last drop of the perfume, even when it was running low. I liked the seafoam green packaging of the subscription box , it was very fun and girly. And finally, I think Perfume Surprise is a good value for money at $24.99 for 5 sample sizes of really great, and unique fragrances.

I didn’t like that the label was ineligible on the 6th fragrance I received and unfortunately, there isn’t enough of the label left that I could make a definitive guess on what the 6th fragrance is, so if I wanted to buy a larger bottle of that fragrance, I would have to reach out to Perfume Surprise to give me the name of the fragrance. Relatedly, I didn’t like that the card included in the box didn’t provide the names of the perfumes included in the box. Another thing I didn’t like is the fact that you can’t customize your box by creating a fragrance profile and/or perfumes that you would like to avoid because there are some scents I just don’t like, for example citrus scents, and although I was lucky and did not receive any citrus scents in my first box, I would be very disappointed if one month’s box had a citrus theme. And although I liked that Perfume Surprise has an online store, I was disappointed that they only sell deluxe sample sizes and not full-size bottles of perfume.

In the future, I think Perfume Surprise should expand their online store to include full-size bottles of perfumes and subscribers should get discounts on full-size versions of the perfume samples they receive in that month’s subscription box. Another minor critique is that Perfume Surprise currently does not sell cologne, so if you want to gift a subscription box that makes your hubby smell good all the time, then Perfume Surprise is not for you. And finally, I did not like the jewelry set at all, it looked and felt very cheap and the necklace chain broke within the first few seconds of trying to dis-entangle a knot before taking a photo of it. I could have gladly done without the jewelry set because Perfume Surprise is already great box without it.

The Verdict

Overall, I recommend Perfume Surprise, they send a great variety of authentic designer fragrances, some are well known and others are lesser known gems that are difficult to find here in the U.S. for example, Boucheron Quatre en Rouge. I think adventurous perfume lovers will really enjoy this box because they will get to try a good range of perfumes to help them curate a collection of fragrances to match every occasion and mood.

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