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Piquant Post Subscription Review

Piquant Post is a monthly subscription box that sends members freshly ground, small batch spice blends. Piquant Post chefs develop recipes using flavors from around the world and each monthly subscription packet contains enough herbs and spices to make each recipe, so you don’t have to buy expensive spices that you will only use a few times. Piquant Post spice blends do not contain fillers, preservatives, or sugar and almost never include salt. I subscribed to Piquant Post because I love trying new recipes from other countries/regions of the world but am often frustrated that I can’t find to all the spices I need to make a dish here in SLC. So, read on to see what I thought of Piquant Post, my second ever spice subscription box!

How it Works

Piquant Post offers three subscription plans: Monthly ($11.99), 6 month prepaid ($65.94) and 12 month prepaid ($119.88). Each month, Piquant Post sends 3 or 4 spice blends in food-grade pouches that contain enough spice blend to make the corresponding recipe. At a minimum, each pouch is a single use for a 4-portion meal. This means that you’ll be able to cook approximately 16 portions (4 different meals with 4 servings per meal) per month with each shipment from Piquant Post.

Piquant Post ships subscriptions on the 15th of each month but if you order after the 15th of the month but before the 25th each month (unless the spices are sold out), subscriptions are typically shipped within 2 days. However, if you subscribe after the cutoff date of the 25th of the month, then your order may ship with the following month’s batch (you can check out the shipping schedule here). Shipping is free in the U.S. (it is unclear if there is a charge for spice packets sent to Alaska or Hawaii).

Piquant Post also offers a one-time BBQ dry rub set that is sold seasonally. The BBQ dry rub set ships separately from the spice subscription.

Getting Piquant Post

I subscribed to Piquant Post on August 1 and it was shipped on August 17th and arrived on August 27th. The spice packet arrived in a brown envelope with Piquant Post written on one side of the envelope and it contained the following:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I liked quite a few things about Piquant Post. First, I liked that the subscription arrived in a sturdy brown envelope and each spice blend was packaged in FDA-approved, food grade pouches. This may seem like an odd thing to like but SpiceBreeze (check out my review of SpiceBreeze here) arrived in a white envelope and the spice blends were in plastic pouches that seem flimsy in comparison to the spice pouches I received from Piquant Post. I also liked that (when possible) Piquant Post purchases whole spice seeds and pods and custom grind the spices according to their recipes. Otherwise, Piquant Post purchases their spices from vendors/suppliers in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as outside of California (the website does not clarify if that means they sometimes source spices from outside of the U.S. as well). The other thing I liked about Piquant Post is that they send emails to remind members when their subscription will renew.

So far, I made the Turkmen Shepherd’s Pie, which requires making dough and I appreciated that the Piquant Post website had a link to a video on how to roll out dough because I had never rolled dough before. Although my dough left much to be desired (it looked great, but it was very tough), the Turkmen Shepherd’s Pie recipe was very easy to follow and make. I used ground lamb for the recipe, and the filling was very flavorful but not spicy. The hubby and I both enjoyed the Turkmen Shepherd’s Pie, but my hubby agreed that the recipe would have been better with potatoes rather than the heavy pie crust.

I only have a couple critiques of Piquant Post. The first is that Piquant Post does not currently (as of September 2020) have an online store where non-subscribers can order individual spice blends. Currently, only Piquant Post subscribers can order additional spices after logging into their account and selecting the “Spice Store” tab at the top of the page; those with gift subscriptions have to email their re-order requests. The other critique is that I wish Piquant Post had a variety of spice blend subscription sizes for those with large families or those who would like to make a recipe more than once during the month.

The Verdict

I liked Piquant Post and I would recommend it for those who like to cook and who want to add new recipes to their dinner rotation.

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