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Pooch Perks Box Review

Pooch Perks is a dog subscription box that sends members all-natural, USA-made treats and premium toys customized to your dog’s preferences. Pooch Perks offers many different box options from Toys and Treats, Toys Only, Plush or Durable Toys and mixed size boxes for households with multiple sized dogs. Different monthly themes and varied products ensure your dog never gets the same product twice and is always surprised. All Pooch Perks products in every box are hand-picked and are of premium quality. I had read a lot of positive reviews of Pooch Perks and decided to subscribe in time for the Christmas season, so that my dogs would have fun toys and yummy treats for their Christmas stockings. Pooch Perks is the second dog/pet subscription box that I have tried, the first was BarkBox (check out my review here).

How it Works

Pooch Perks offers multiple subscription and payment options. The 3 main subscription options are Popular Pooch ($28.04+ per month), Pampered Pooch ($44.91+ per month) and Toys Only ($20.82+ per month). Popular Pooch sends members 2-3 dog toys, 2 USA-made treats and 1 natural small treat/chew. Pampered Pooch offers 3-4 premium toys, 3 USA-made Treat bags, 2 all-natural small treats, 1 accessory and 1 poop bag roll. Finally, the Toys Only box sends subscribers 3-4 plush toys and subscribers can choose whether they want the toys to be one size or multiple sizes.

Additionally, there are 4 payment options: monthly, 3 months prepaid, 6 months prepaid and 12 months prepaid. Pooch Perks subscriptions renew on the 5th of each month but if your subscription starts after the 25th of the month, your subscription will renew the following month. Shipping for most products in their online store and monthly dog subscription plans have a flat rate shipping charge of $2 in the U.S., although it isn’t clear if there are extra shipping charges to Alaska and Hawaii. And Pooch Perks boxes typically ship within a week of the order date.

Pooch Perks subscribers can customize their box according to the size of their dog, so you can choose among small (0-30 lbs.), medium (30-70 lbs.), large (70+ lbs.) and mixed for households with different sized dogs. You are then given the option of either plush toys or durable toys for the heavy chewers. And in the final step, you may choose whether you want to add an extra toy with your monthly delivery for around $8.

Pooch Perks also has an online store where you can purchase one-time boxes without a subscription. Items sold in the online store include plush and durable toys and accessories such as water bottle dispensers and bandanas.

Getting Pooch Perks

I subscribed to the monthly Popular Pooch plan on November 28 and I received my first box less than a week later on December 4th. However, I will be reviewing the last box I received from Pooch Perks, which was the February 2021 box. All Pooch Perk subscriptions arrive in a white box with “poochperks” written in orange and blue across the top, along with the company’s logo and tagline. The box’s contents were wrapped in blue, dog-themed tissue paper and the information card indicated that February's theme was “Galactic Fur-iends”. The box included the following items:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I liked a few things about my Pooch Perks box. First, I liked the quick turnaround time from subscription to delivery, it took less than a week to get my first box. Second, I liked that the boxes are themed and that the theme extends to the treats as well, for example, the Pooch Perks Space Treats shared the “Galactic Fur-iends” theme along with the two included toys. Also, I liked that the treats are all made in the U.S. and the Pooch Perks Space Treats and Salmon and Oat Crunch had a minimum crude protein content of 13%. Additionally, the PET Gourmet Pumpkin & Honey Chew served as a dental chew and, like the Pooch Perks Space Treats, is grain-free. Another positive of Pooch Perks is that I was able to customize the box so that the toys were well-suited for my small dog and I was given the choice between having plush or durable toys. Finally, I liked the the quality of the toys and there is no better evidence of their premium quality than the fact that the toys my dogs received in the December box are still going strong despite the rough play that they have endured everyday for the past 3 months!

There were also a few things I didn’t like about Pooch Perks. First, I didn’t like the wide weight range Pooch Perks used to determine toy size, for example, small dogs are categorized as being 0-30 lbs., which made me worried that my 12 lb dog wouldn’t be able to fit her new toys in her mouth. And as feared, the December box, included Lulubelles “World’s Best Dog: Mug Dog" Toy (small) that was too big for our dog to play with. Fortunately, our medium sized dog (33 lbs) was able to play with this toy. Another dislike is that the treats are not customizable to make them well-suited for small dogs. For instance, the “Galactic Fur-iends” box included the PET Gourmet Pumpkin & Honey Recipe Chew for medium sized dogs, although that treat is also available in small.

Unlike BarkBox, Pooch Perks does not manufacture its own toys, which means that the toys aren’t member exclusives. In terms of value for money, I would rate Pooch Perks as average because I was only able to find the retail value for 3 of the 5 items (totaling $25.47 excluding tax), which is below the cost of the subscription. But, the two Pooch Perks treats combined are probably worth over $10, which would bring the retail value of this box over the $28.04+ cost of subscription. Another minor dislike is that Pooch Perks charges for shipping.

My main dislike of Pooch Perks is how difficult it was for me to unsubscribe, which is a huge pet peeve because I believe ending your subscription should be just as easy as starting a subscription. I canceled my Pooch Perks subscription after I received my December box but I was charged for a subscription in January. First, I tried to check whether my subscription was in fact cancelled but their website said I didn’t have an account with them which is impossible since I had to create an account with them in order to receive a box in the first place! I even checked my CrateJoy account to make sure I didn’t sign up for Pooch Perks through them, but I hadn’t. I contacted customer service, which was very responsive (thumbs up there), and they said I had not cancelled my subscription and that they could not refund my subscription fee once it was charged to my credit card.

Then, the customer service representative informed me that the January box had been shipped but that they would cancel my subscription so that I would not incur future charges. I never received my January box and in February I was charged again for my subscription! I contacted customer service again and they said that USPS misplaced the January box, but that they would send a replacement box and cancel my subscription for real this time. I received the February box as my replacement box but a week or so later, I received an email saying that my January box was about to be delivered to my address and that I should write “return to sender” on the box in order to return it to Pooch Perks. In short, it has been a hassle trying to cancel my Pooch Perks subscription.

The Verdict

I liked the quality of the treats and toys I got in the Pooch Perks box, but I don’t think it offers a better value for money than BarkBox. Additionally, Pooch Perks has fewer subscription box options than Barkbox and is only a few dollars cheaper (on average) than Barkbox's comparable monthly subscription plan. I would recommend Pooch Perks to busy dog owners, dog owners who don’t like or have time to visit pet stores or dog owners with multiple dogs that destroy or get easily bored with toys they already own.

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