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Rachel Subscription Box Review

Rachel* is a monthly customizable tights and fashion basics subscription box that ships free to the U.S from Canada. Rachel provides sustainable essentials (intimates, active wear, socks, leggings, wrap skirts etc.) for women who want to look good but are also conscious about the environmental impact of their wardrobe choices. I was first attracted to Rachel because I wanted to expand and diversify my tights collection for the colder months ahead and Rachel was the perfect subscription box for my needs. Even better is the fact that you can explore Rachel’s tights catalog before subscribing and you get to choose which tights you get in your box.

How it Works

Rachel offers two subscription plans and several payment options. One subscription plan is for tights and the other is for Rachel basics and they both cost $29. I did the tights subscription and it came with the option to receive a box every month or every 2 months. When I subscribed I completed a comprehensive style profile that asked questions about my preferences in tights, for example, the kinds of patterns (stripes, animals, polka dots etc.) I was interested in receiving. Then, I was directed to Rachel’s tights catalog, where I was able to choose two tights for my box.

Rachel also offers a fashion basics subscription box, where members take a comprehensive style profile that asks questions about whether you are interested in activewear, intimates or socks. Similar to the tights subscription box, the basics subscription box is customizable and subscribers get to build their own box. One major difference between the fashion basics subscription and the tights subscription is that depending on the cost of the item you choose, you may only receive 1 item in your fashion essentials subscription box for that month. For example, if you choose to receive yoga shorts or a pack of 3 underwear that would be the only item you would receive for that month, but if you choose leg warmers or socks, you would be able to choose 2 items, just like with the tights subscription box.

Rachel offers free exchanges and free shipping for subscribers and very flexible subscription options, where you can pause your membership, skip a month or cancel at any time. If you don’t want to commit to a subscription, Rachel also has an online store were you can purchase tights and basics but shipping is only free on orders over $60.

Getting Rachel

I subscribed to Rachel on September 20 and my tights shipped from Montreal on September 24 and I received them in Utah on September 28th. Rachel arrived in a brown recyclable envelope with two pairs of tights inside. The tights were packaged separately in clear white packets, each containing a card with instructions on how to care for your tights. Unfortunately, I made a mistake when choosing my size from Rachel’s tights size chart and the tights I received were too small and so I had to do an exchange, which ended up being more complicated than I had anticipated. I had expected to receive a shipping label to use to return the tights but instead I was told to write “Return to Sender” on the package and drop it in my mailbox. But just my luck, my neighborhood postal worker saw right through that and returned the package to my mailbox, and informed me that I had to pay for postage. When I told Rachel about the situation they told me to send them a receipt of how much I paid for return shipping and I would be re-imbursed. Because the package was going to Canada, it cost almost $13 to ship to Rachel, almost half the cost of the subscription, but Rachel refunded my entire shipping fee and I received new tights on October 26. Here are the items I chose for my first box:

  • Diamond print tights

  • Heart print tights

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

The thing I loved most about Rachel is their tights selection. They had so many great unique patterns and colors and styles that it made it difficult to choose only two pairs! I think I went back and forth for an entire day on what to include in my box. And that is the other great thing I loved about Rachel, the fact that it is completely customizable and I was able to choose what came in my box and my style profile was used to give me tights recommendations from their large online catalog. I also browsed Rachel’s basics catalog and there were a few things I liked but Rachel’s tights catalog was far and away one of the best tights collections I have come across!

Something else I liked about Rachel is that it is co-founded by two women and I love to support women and minority-owned businesses whenever possible. I also liked Rachel’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact and that they include tips on how to recycle your tights instead of throwing them in the trash only to land up in a landfill. The Rachel website also includes a glossary that explains terms that you may find in their products. Additionally, I was very impressed by Rachel's transparency in their manufacturing process, going so far as to include the name, city and country where their suppliers are located. Usually businesses treat information on their suppliers as trade secrets and only provide their country, sometimes a region where they are located, some stock photos and nothing else, but not with Rachel! To me that really speaks to Rachel's commitment to the environment and making sure their suppliers are adhering to Rachel's environmental and labor standards.

The only critique I have of Rachel is the exchange process took a long time because they don’t provide prepaid shipping labels for returns. I was also a bit put off by the fact that they just wanted me to write “return to sender” on the package and cross my fingers that the mailman would accept it. But it worked out in the end because Rachel has excellent customer service and all of my shipping fees were refunded.

The Verdict

I highly recommend Rachel tights if you love to wear tights in the cooler weather with boots and cute little wool mini skirts. Rachel’s selection of tights is fantastic and although I have only worn each pair of tights twice, they seem to be good quality but I cannot yet comment on their longevity. My other recommendation is to make sure you pay close attention to their sizing chart because it will save you a lot of hassle!

* By using this referral link I will save $10.00 on my up-coming box and you will receive 50% off your first box.

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