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TestTube Subscription Review

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I was excited to try TestTube by NewBeauty because it seemed like the closest U.S. equivalent of Mintd, a luxury skincare subscription box from the U.K. that I absolutely love. TestTube is a luxury beauty subscription box that sends members 8 full and travel-size beauty and skincare products valued at $180+ every other month. And, after visiting the website and previewing all the items included in the July box, I subscribed immediately.

How it Works

TestTube offers 2 subscription plans: the bi-monthly plan and the annual plan. The bi-monthly plan costs $29.95 every other month and the annual plan costs $149.75 and you receive 6 tubes for the year. You can also give TestTube as a gift and there are two options for the gift subscription plan: the 6 month subscription, which costs $89.95 and the recipient gets 3 tubes or the 1 year gift subscription plan that costs $149.75, the same price as the regular annual subscription plan.

TestTube charges for shipping, which is a flat rate of $8.95 per TestTube for the bi-monthly plans and a flat charge of $44.75 for the annual subscription that is paid upfront. Each membership comes with a free subscription to NewBeauty magazine, which is shipped separately every quarter. However, your subscription to NewBeauty ends when you cancel your TestTube subscription. And, if you don’t want to commit, you can purchase Legacy tubes, which are previous TestTube boxes and costs $38.90 (the same price as a bi-monthly subscription) and come with free shipping. Finally, you can buy individual items found in your tube from the TestTube website, for example, the Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment can be purchased from their website here.

Getting my TestTube

I subscribed to TestTube on July 10 and the tube was shipped on July 18 and delivered on July 22. TestTube comes in fun packing with the products packed inside a decorated tube but when I received my TestTube, I was disappointed to see that it was in a regular brown cardboard box. But, after opening up the box, I saw the tube that I was expecting and realized that the box was necessary because all of the products could not fit inside the TestTube packaging. Here are the products that were in my first TestTube box:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I really like TestTube and the great value for money you get with this tube. I paid $38.90 for my bi-monthly subscription (billed every two months) and the Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment alone costs $122. So, with just one product, TestTube made my subscription completely worth its cost. Also, I liked the range and quality of products included in the TestTube, for instance, it included skincare products, makeup, hair products, nail products, a perfume and a Vitamin C supplement. Normally, I like to keep my beauty and skincare boxes separate and don’t like it when subscription boxes mix the two because they usually end up dropping the ball on either the skincare or the beauty products. However, this was not the case with the TestTube because in addition to the Sunday Riley Glycolic Acid Treatment, I received the Grande Cosmetics GrandeGlow Plumping Liquid Highlighter and the Luminess Crème Confession Lipstick (in a gorgeous red color), both great beauty products that I will use. There were a few misses for me in the July box, for example, I have 4C hair and occasionally wear braids or hair extensions, so I will not be using Neuma reNeu Scalp Therapy and I usually don’t do my nails myself, so I probably won’t be using the clear nail polish either. Nevertheless, the things I love about the July box far outweigh the stuff I didn’t like.

But there were a couple things that I didn’t like about the TestTube. First, subscribers are charged for shipping. I think being an Amazon Prime Member for almost 2 decades and a Shop Runner member for the past couple years have made me loathe to pay for shipping on anything, when some subscription boxes like Emma & Chloé, which ships from France, do not charge for shipping. Another thing I don’t like about TestTube is that you cannot cancel your subscription online, you have to call or email to cancel your subscription by the 10th of the billing month. It just seems like an extra hassle to have to email or call instead of making it easy and allowing subscribers to cancel online, like most other subscription boxes.

The Verdict

My pet peeve about shipping aside, I like TestTube beauty and I highly recommend it. It isn’t as luxurious as Mintd, but it costs more than half the price of Mintd and you get 2X the products with TestTube. If you are looking for a skincare and beauty box that is a step up from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, and a wider range of products than BeautyFix, then TestTube is the subscription box for you!

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