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Therabox Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

I found out about Therabox after researching boxes geared toward self-care and wellness. Therabox was founded by a therapist with the goal of providing subscribers with fresh new ingredients (Therabox’s term for products they include in their box) and a therapeutic activity to help improve their life and boost their joy. And, with the lofty mission of helping subscribers find happiness, Therabox is a subscription box curated with a purpose.

How it Works

Therabox’s subscription plans are called Happiness Plans and there are 4 different options: monthly ($34.99), 3 months prepaid ($99.99), 6 months prepaid ($191.94) and 12 months prepaid ($371.88). All four Happiness plans promise over $100 value in each box, they ship worldwide, auto-renewal and hassle free cancellations through your online account. Each Therabox includes 1 activity inspired by research to help you find more joy and peace. This include items like journals, projects, challenges and other inspiration-inducing ingredients. Therabox also includes 6-8 unique wellness products meant to promote relaxation and reduce stress, this means that their products include organic, natural, artisan and holistic products. Theraboxes ship between the 24-29th of each month but if you don’t want to wait for your box or if you don’t want to commit to a Happiness Plan, you can visit their online store, The Happy Shoppe and for a bit more money, you can buy current boxes or past boxes as well as individual products and orders will ship as soon as they are processed.

Getting Thera-py

I subscribed to Therabox on June 18th and my box was shipped on June 29th and I received it on July 8th. My Therabox was the “Vitamin Sea” Box and the products retailed at over $185. The Therabox arrived in a beautiful lilac colored box and admittedly, the box itself did make me smile (mission accomplished?). Here are the Items I received in my Therabox:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I liked that Theraboxes are themed, so each ingredient in my box was curated to fit the Vitamin Sea theme. Also, I liked the range of products in each Therabox, it is reminiscent of FabFitFun boxes. In the Vitamin Sea box, I loved the beach towel because it had a unique shape (it was round not rectangular), it had tassels and the pattern was nice. The Z Skin Mid-Day Shine Control was a nice surprises and I am looking forward to reviewing it. Also, I liked the Inkling Scent Perfume Oil, which is surprising because I am very particular about the scents I wear, but it was a nice earthly fresh scent and I will definitely wear it. I had mixed feelings about the earrings because it is definitely not something I would have purchased, but surprisingly, I wore them the same day and they have grown on me. The other items, including the Buoy Easy Squeezy Electrolytes, the soy candle and the Jelly Masks were definitely filler items, but I will likely use these items as well. I am not very good at writing in journals of any sort, so the jury is still out on whether I will use that at all. And finally, Therabox does offer a good value for money and it is nice that they have their own online store, so you can always find items that you liked from your box if you want to buy more.

The one major dislike I have about Therabox is the fact that you can’t choose any of the items in your box. Granted not all subscription boxes offer their customers choices but because Therabox reminds me so much of FabFitFun, which offers some subscribers the option to choose all the items included in their box, I think the comparison is fair.

The Verdict

I recommend Therabox for those who are looking for a less expensive alternative to FabFitFun but with Therabox you will have to compromise on being able to choose the products included in your box.

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