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Wantable Box Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Wantable is a clothing subscription box that I tried because I needed a new wardrobe after losing weight during lockdown (Yay me!). Wantable is an affordable clothing subscription box that allows subscribers to try before they buy and uses a combination of quizzes and personal stylists to help you find new looks, discover new brands or simply to take the pain out of shopping for clothes.

How it Works

Wantable offers two plans for women, the Style Edit and the Active Edit. The Style Edit plan offers subscribers 7 items per box including clothing accessories and jewelry, which are styled to fit your taste, shape and budget. The Active Edit is for women who want technical or athleisure styles for either working out, running errands or lounging around the house and styles typically range from $30-$70 per item. Both plans have a styling fee of $20, which is applied to the cost of any items from your box that you choose to keep. Although you are not obligated to keep any of the items in your box, if you buy 5 or more pieces, you get a discount of 20% from the total. After you choose your plan, you take a quiz to help Wantable get an idea of your style including colors you would never wear, patterns you hate (plaid and paisley for me!) and body parts you would like to hide. After the comprehensive style quiz, you have the option to visit The Stream, where you can request specific items to include in your box. After that you sit and wait for your order and shipping and returns are free.

Getting my Style Edit

I subscribed to Wantable’s Style Edit on June 27 and my box was shipped on July 1st and delivered on July 8th. Similar to Stitch Fix, you do not get to preview any of the items that are included in your box, unless you specifically requested items from The Stream. But once your package is delivered you will receive an email from Wantable with instructions to log into your account and under the My Looks tab you will find outfit ideas using the pieces you received in your box. I requested 2 items from The Stream to be included in my Style Edit so when my box arrived, I already knew there was a high likelihood that I was going to like at least 2 items in the box. Once I tried everything on, I logged into my account and purchased the items I decided to keep and put the items that I did not keep in the included return envelope and mailed it back. The merchandise total was actually $371 but if I had decided to keep all the items in my box, it would have cost $269.05, which includes the 20% discount, a $25 off promo and the $20 styling fee already deducted. Here are the items I received in my Wantable Active Edit box:

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

Although, I was not familiar with any of the brands included in my Style Edit, after doing a quick internet search, I was able to find 4 of the 7 included items on Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. This let me know that these brands are well known brands even if I had never heard of them. Also, because I was able to find all of the items in my Style Edit box online (something that I was not able to do with some items in my Stitch Fix box), I was able to determine whether or not I was getting a good deal from Wantable. And, I am happy to say that in one of the items I kept, the Dear John Hampton Short in Vintage Floral, Wantable charged $10 less than at least one other online retailer. And in another case, Gentle Fawn Aimee Tank, Wantable was only $4 more than another online retailer, a negligible difference when you factor in the promotions and discounts that Wantable offers to subscribers. And I also liked that, with the exception of the purse, all the items in my Style Edit were reasonably priced under $60.

I disliked a few things about Wantable. First, I was not able to preview my entire box before receiving it. Wantable is not unique in this regard, Stitch Fix also does not allow subscribers to preview their box, but Trunk Club does, and I wish all clothing subscription boxes did that as well. Second, I like the idea of The Stream because it lets you request specific items to include in your box, after a while I found the items very repetitive. I think the items all started to look the same because the Stream shows you products that it thinks you will like based on your style quiz but for me, part of the reason I decided to try a clothing subscription box was to try new styles and I think the Stream prohibits that. And finally, I didn’t like that no shoes were included in my box!

The Verdict

I like Wantable and I recommend it. It is definitely the most affordable clothing subscription box that I have tried and I liked the idea of the Stream. I also liked the variety of brands included in the box and that all the brands were well-known brands that are also available at department stores.

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